You go splat now!

I’m angrier than a bee without honey over this next one.  I can barely muster the strength to pick up this can of regular Coke that’s right beside me!  I’m livid because of stupid people.  Stupidity always makes me upset.

This story is definitely a textbook case of stupid people.  You see, Lodi Parachute Center, in Stockton, California is allegedly the host to the deaths of 28 skydivers in thirty years.  They have at least one judgement, for $40 million, outstanding.  Despite all the deaths, the center is still operational.

Reportedly, it has the worst safety record in the entire country.  In one case, there is video footage of a teen falling to his untimely, but self-inflicted death back in 2016.  Tyler Turner, 18, died when his parachute did not open, causing him to go splat.  To make matters worse, his tandem instructor was neither qualified nor licensed.

That $40 million judgement?  The Turner family has seen nary a dime.

Bill Dause, the owner of the facility shrugged off the deaths, saying that they are “just part of the activity.”  He has no intention of stopping.  I’m okay with that.  Stupid people and their money are soon separated and when you undertake an activity as dangerous as this one, you pretty much deserve what you get, even when that something is splat!

I don’t have anything against the facility.  I mean, if people are stupid enough to skydive, then the center should be able to profit off of that idiocy. I don’t feel any sympathy for those people who have died in that manner, because of their lack of common sense.