She can’t see eye to eye

I’m angrier than a Mormon who forgot there was no church on Sunday and wound up lonely at the church over this next one.  I’m angry that this story didn’t pop up sooner than it did!  While it may sound mean, I found the humor in this story.  If you can’t find the humor, too, then I don’t want to know you.

It seems that a three-year-old girl in the Germantown section of Philadelphia shot herself in the eye.  That means she won’t be able to see eye to eye with anyone or anything for the rest of her life.  Happened on Saturday afternoon.

Somehow, she got a hold of a gun belonging to her father.  Obviously, the gun was not secured, and just as obviously, he will be in a heaping pile of legal trouble as well he should.

According to the local ABC affiliate, she was taken to the hospital in “extremely critical condition.”  And yes, a man was taken into custody, ostensibly her father.

While the story is somewhat funny, there is one serious question: why aren’t people with kids securing their guns?