A really, really bad sunburn?

I’m angrier than a blogger trying to come up with “I’m angrier than”
openings over this next story.  I mean, so I’m so irate that I can’t
even gather the strength to pick up this can of regular Coke sitting
next to me.  I’m angry because of this story, which reminds us all that
nuclear war will happen within the next year or two.

In today’s story, a simulation of sorts shows just how badly Washington, DC will be destroyed by a nuclear attack.  Spoiler alert: it ain’t pretty.

off, the obvious: in a nuclear attack against our beloved America at
the hands of the Russians, millions will be vaporized in less than a
fraction of a second.  They will absolutely be the lucky ones.  Those of
us who are left behind will face painful deaths, or even worse painful
lives.  Skin will be peeled off.  Radiation will kill many, and they
will suffer for years or even days.  They will beg for death.

those who have built strong bunkers will have to come out of their
hidey holes sooner or later.  Whether it be weeks, months or even a
year, they will in fact have to come back into reality.  But what kind
of world will they come back to?

When nuclear war strikes us,
mostly likely at the hands of Russia, money will be worthless.  People
will be shooting each other for a slice of bread.  Water will become
unhealthy.  Martial law will be the rule and people will also shoot each
other for no reason at all.  It will be what hell must be like.

when Washington, DC gets hit, and it will get hit, the Pentagon will be
hit by a warhead that’s at least one megaton.  That will vaporize
nearly every human being and it will of course wipe the Pentagon and the
DC area as a whole out in a matter of seconds, perhaps even a fraction
of a second.  At least the majority of people won’t suffer.

Pentagon will lose more than 27,000 of its people in a fraction of a
second.  Just gone forever.  The Lincoln Memorial?  Gone. The Jefferson
Memorial?  Reduced to ash.

“A one megaton thermonuclear weapon detonation begins with a flash of
light and heat so tremendous it is impossible for the human mind to
comprehend,” according to the Daily Mail.  We will be dealing
with heat that meets or exceeds 180 million degrees.  At least there
won’t be a need to bury our dead; they will be vaporized, just like we
vaporized the Japs who struck us first.

Those that avoided
vaporization and being burned will suffocate, which will be a far more
unpleasant affair than just disappearing in less than a fraction of a
second.  There will be fireballs.  There will be untold suffering.  This
isn’t a movie or a book, folks.  This is an accounting of what will

All sorts of items become a form of kindling and that will
only increase the human suffering.  Those that have managed to survive
thus far will find themselves in desperate need of immediate medical aid
will find that that aid isn’t coming.  They will be left to suffer and
die over a matter of hours or even days.  Every second brings more
suffering and every minute they will pray for death.

To put it
into prospective, over a million people will have already died or who
will die.  And that’s only in the first two minutes.

TV?  Gone. 
Radio?  That’s gone too.  The internet?  What internet? Phone service? 
911?  All gone for good.  Those who have somehow managed to survive to
this point will find that they’ve been knocked back into the stone age.

praying and begging for help will soon come to the realization that
help is never coming.  They are on their own, left to die like dogs. 

nuclear attack such as that, along with follow-up attacks, will cause
the deaths of at least two billion people.  Statistically speaking, the
entire population of 300 million in the United States will have died. 
This will not be pleasant, and it’s something that we cannot stop.  It will
happen and all we can do in our last twenty minutes is launch a feeble
attack against Russia in the hopes that we kill as many of them as