Another preventable death…

 I’m angrier than a college student whose class got canceled at the last minute over this next one, guys.  You see, a driver is accused of causing a crash that injured a child and killed his or her mother.  The kid’s only three and now he has to go through life without his mother and all because a driver allegedly took it upon himself to plow into someone, killing him.  It’s my belief that the driver did it on person, because driving correctly is something that even a retard can do.

Cops say that alcohol was not involved, but the driver’s 81, which I wrote in the Syracuse Post-Standard back in 2004 that is far too old to be driving.  I’m tired of elderly drivers causing crashes and walking away free of injury and accountability.  Police said that the child car seat was installed properly and, as a result, most likely saved the kid’s life.

It’s time to stop licensing drivers on their 60th birthday.