Adultery no longer a crime?

I’m angrier than a blogger whose laptop broke down during a breaking news situation over this next story, folks.  Just like I reported yesterday,
adultery technically remains a crime in New York state, a crime that is
a misdemeanor that carries a three-month jail sentence, rarely ever
enforced.  Hell, if it were enforced, I’d be in jail, as would 80% of
the state’s population.

I mentioned that our fine governor would tasked with making a final decision
as to the fate of the law.  Will it remain a crime?  Will it actually
be enforced?  Or, will she get with the times and strike the silly law
off the books?

Governor Hochul will need to make a decision, one that will upset
people no matter what side she comes down on.  Let’s face it…adultery
is no longer a serious thing.  It’s one of those wink-and-a-nod

Of course the party who was cheated on might try
everything at his or her disposal to get their cheating spouse put in
jail, so if the law is stricken, those sorts of people will be enraged. 
Those of us who know the law is an ancient relic wonder how the law
stayed on the books in the first place.

Now, all we can do is sit back and wait for her to make a decision.