They Don’t Deserve It!

I’m angrier than a gay rooster stuck in a hen-house over an article I just read on the Times Union website.  It seems that a group of advocates and lawmakers are making noise, demanding that prisoners get phone calls free of charge.

That should be enough to make anyone sick!  Prisoners are where they are because of what they did, because they victimized innocent people and because they’re pond scum.  After all, one doesn’t spend time in prison because they did something heroic.

The proposed Connecting Families bill would make phone calls free of charge for prisoners.  As it stands right now, inmates have access to tablets that have communications options, which is something that they absolutely should not have.  The people who are supporting this abortion are disgusting.

I wonder how they’d feel if someone who murdered their family member was getting to communicate with his family.  No, they didn’t think of others, they just thought up a way to reward prisoners for their violent crimes.

Families right now are expected to foot the bill for being in communication with their inmate. I’m not convinced that inmates should be allowed to send and receive postal mail, let alone telephone and video chat options.  Again, they did something wrong and they need to be punished for it.  Communicating with other people should be considered a privilege, not a right.

There is no valid reason for my taxes going to reward an inmate for murdering someone by allowing him to communicate with his family.  That simply can’t stand!  Hopefully, the bill will be defeated and every person who even touched the paper it’s printed on should be voted out and sent home.