They Did Nothing Wrong!

I’m angrier than a midget in a basketball competition over this next one, folks.  It always pisses me off when people try to force other people to salute the flag.  Whether or not to salute the flag is a personal decision.  I served in my beloved US Army, so I salute the flag.  I don’t put my hand to heart, but I salute.  I’m allowed to do that out of uniform thanks to a 2008 decision by then-President GW.

And what is a veteran anyway?  By legal definition, a veteran is any man or woman (only two genders, folks!) who served, even for one day, and who was discharged by any terms accept dishonorable.  As a veteran, I and fellow veterans, can salute the flag whether in uniform or in civilian clothes.

But that’s a personal decision.  I could just as well choose not to salute the flag as it passes me. So, then, you can understand my ire when I read a news story about Louisiana State University basketball fans being enraged that the players chose to not put hand to heart during the national anthem at a game that took place right here in Albany yesterday.

Some idiotic fans are even calling for the coach to be fired, completely ignoring the fact that millions of men have died for the right to salute the flag, or the right to not salute.  In other words, LSU fans are being completely irrational and rude.

I mean, let’s face it.  Our national anthem is slow, boring and, quite frankly, pathetic and poorly written.  Who in their right mind would want to participate in something that has anything whatsoever to do with the national anthem?

The coach was so pathetic that she caved in and apologized for her team “missing” the national anthem.  Sounds like someone couldn’t handle the heat.  She had nothing to apologize for.  Skipping the national anthem is every American’s absolute right just like it’s every American’s right to be able to participate in the national anthem.

LSU fans are being completely unreasonable and surely they know it.  The team did absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever.  No one can be intellectually bankrupt enough to believe what the angry people are selling.