More Trans Nonsense

 I’m angrier than a three-legged dog trying to bury a turd under an ice pond over this next one.  Anyone who reads my blog posts know that I strongly detest transgenderism.  It took all the self control that I have, for example, to keep the bile down when I went to pick up my business cards from Staples and a trannie waited on me.  Disgusting.

But what makes me angry today is an article that tries to run up the flagpole the notion that kids who want to be the opposite gender are merely “gender-confused.”  Nope.  If you find yourself wanting to be the other gender, you are a pervert and a sicko, regardless of your age.

A “landmark” study that took over a decade reports that kids who fancy themselves trans are just going through “a phase.”  Not so!  It takes a real sicko to seek to change his or her birth gender, so no, it is not a phase. It is an indication of severe mental illness.

The study indicated that 11% of kids aren’t content with their assigned gender. Now, 19% of adults reported that that discontent as youth no longer have that unhappiness as adults.  Well, isn’t that special!

The perversion to seek a gender change is there at birth.  You don’t grow out of that disgusting desire.  So, I call BS on the study.

Transgenders should, as I’ve said before, be shunned and cut off from society and I refuse to back down.