Justice Denied…

 I’m angrier than a mute man at a vocal audition over this one right here.  It seems that a prison inmate in Hawai’i somehow managed to escape prison, only to be killed by a hit-and-run driver.  While on the surface that may seem to be justice served, it really isn’t.

Matthew J. Ornellas Jr.was doing hard time for a drug-related crime, which made him a loser.  He somehow managed to escape from guards only to find himself struck by a motorist, who fled the scene.  The fact that died is actually justice denied, the way I see it, and I always call it like I see it.

You see, a drug offender is very dangerous to society.  That’s why they’re in prison for such a long time.  Society needs to be kept safe from drug offenders.  True justice would have been for this man to serve his entire sentence and suffer all the bad things that happen in a jail or prison.

Although there’s no word on what he did to wind up there, and although it hasn’t been reported how long the confinement was meant to be, it is safe to say that he got off light.  Being confined and having your day dictated to you in a confinement situation is meant to be unpleasant and frustrating.  Because he chose to escape, which shouldn’t have happened to begin with, he got out of true punishment.

In other words, this pathetic excuse for a man got off light.  Death got him a reprieve from the punishment society had bestowed upon him.  So yes, yes I’m livid that he is dead, free of the suffering that confinement means.