Murder or Tragedy?

 I’m angrier than a stripper with no customers over this next story.  And I mean truly, legitimately irate.  You see, according to media reports in Texas, on March 22, the driver of a cement truck struck a school bus, killing an innocent five-year-old as well as another innocent victim.

For reasons unknown, the truck driver veered the massive truck into the school bus’ lane.  44 students and 11 adults were on the bus after a field trip to a local zoo. In addition to the innocent child, a poor son of a bitch who was driving a vehicle behind the bus, numerous pupils were injured.

The question is: why did the truck’s driver swerve into the opposing lane?  No sober person just sort of goes ahead and does that.  Was the driver on drugs?  Was he or she drunk?  These are the things that the police are looking into.

In my opinion, there is only one explanation here: the driver was under the influence of something.  Well, maybe there are two explanations: the driver, in my opinion, could simply be a retard who should never have been given a license.

I’m willing to bet that the truck’s driver walked away completely unscathed.  That’s typically how it works in situations such as this; the alleged aggressor walks away, leaving dead and injured victims in his or her wake.

It has emerged that there is video footage of the tragic incident (I refuse to call it an accident).  The footage is heartbreaking, given that, I allege, there is only one guilty party: the truck’s driver.  And I’ll bet that that driver is laughing about it, living his or her best life since he or she hasn’t come forward to do the right thing, which is to apologize and be held accountable in a court of law.

Another question should be asked: was this murder or just a tragedy?  Given that the driver did what drunk people tend to do, which is, reportedly, swerve into the oncoming lane.  Did the driver have bloodlust and see a chance to massacre people?  

Personally speaking, I think that this is an open and shut case: the driver, in my opinion, is a murderer and should be given life in prison, with no chance whatsoever of parole.  Inmates should be informed that he, I say, slaughtered a young child.  People like that do not do well in prison.

Sadly, people have confirmed that no criminal charges have been filed as of this time.  With the footage and the evidence, the driver, in my opinion, should be in jail on no bail.  Again, fellow inmates should be informed that the driver allegedly slaughtered an innocent child. You can imagine what comes next.

If the driver tap dances out of accountability, then there truly is something wrong with the justice system in Texas.