Manslaughter? Hey, she’s a hottie!

I’m angrier than a broke pauper wishing to purchase a billion-dollar lottery ticket over this next story.  An innocent girl is facing serious legal peril after allegedly plowing into someone in Mesa, Arizona earlier this month.

Indeed, Rachel Berg, 18, originally from Denver and presently from Tempe, according to her Facebook profile, wrongfully stands accused of reckless manslaughter, having been arrested as a result of a criminal investigation that seems have taken a couple of weeks.  This, after she allegedly rammed into a biker at 87 mph after apparently driving at 155 mph mere seconds before impact.  She made a good faith effort to stop, but failed.

Hey, at least she tried whereas a lot of people would stand idle or
would simply flee the scene.  Berg, however, did the right thing and as
her thanks, she now she has criminal charges pending against her.  I
guess no good deed goes unpunished, right?

The biker, when Berg allegedly struck him, plowed into a concrete wall and, according to a local television station, “was thrown from his bike.”  But it’s his own fault.  Motorcycles are death traps.  You see it happen all the time.  Bikers, then, are not the victims, but the aggressors, in my opinion.

Right off the bat is the obvious: Berg is massively hot.  She’s too cute for prison, so hopefully she’ll be found not guilty based on the fact that she took every measure at her disposal to stop herself from impacting a douchebag on a motorcycle.

Bikers are a major pimple on the face of humanity.  They think that they own the road and that motorists should bow down before them, relinquishing all rights to said bikers.  It’s enough to make anyone sick!  Keeping this in mind, I don’t feel a single ounce of sympathy for bikers.

Some major questions arise here:

1.) Did the biker act in good faith?  Was he wearing a helmet?  Was he properly dressed for riding on a thing that offers no protection for people who are so arrogant that they think their rights outweigh the rights of many motorists?

2.) Was he driving legally?  That is to say, what speed was he traveling at before he applied the brakes to stop at a traffic control device where he would ultimately die?

3.) What was his role in the incident?  Did he do anything to tempt fate?  After all, bikers operate a motorized vehicle that has nothing to protect the biker?  That right there makes him so stupid that anything that happens to him should not result in criminal charges.

Berg is not in the wrong here.  So she was allegedly driving at 155 mph.  So?  She’s so cute that I can overlook that poor decision, a decision that was not meant to result in someone’s death.  What’s more, she existed her vehicle and performed CPR, according to a newspaper article, a well-meaning but fruitless effort.  At least she tried.  She didn’t try to run.  She knew that she was in trouble and still she stayed, attempting to save the biker’s pathetic life.

No, I don’t feel sorry for the biker or his family.  I do feel sorry for Berg and her family, because our legal system is so fouled up that she will be tried in a kangaroo court and she will ultimately wind up either jail or prison.

Hopefully, if Berg is found guilty by a cruel jury, she serves only six months, just like DMB, a popular girl then aged 17, of somewhere in New York state. She would ultimately spend six months in jail for driving while drunk. She wrapped her car around a pole, killing her best friend.

DMB, too, was too cute for jail, and above all, she didn’t mean to kill anyone.  She should have been given probation for driving drunk, which is disgusting.  But again, I can overlook that, because she’s so darn cute.  In full disclosure, I originally wrote a blog post that was critical of her, but I took a step back after meeting her in person, because I saw how remorseful and gorgeous she was.

Also in full disclosure, given that the age of consent in New York state is 17, I did pursue a sexual relationship with her when I was 27.  While I’m being more honest and forthcoming than I really need to be, I readily admit that I was unhappily married at the time.  Due to numerous reasons, the marriage was effectively over, with my wife almost leaving me over some legal and family court issues.

We wound up reconciling, and yes, my wife was more aware about the encounter than I thought, but she knew that the marriage, which ultimately ended in 2022 over religious reasons, was over and done for, so me pursuing encounters with other women was justified during that time frame.  I mention this because I feel that I should be completely honest about DMB if I’m going to write about her, right?

Berg, like DMB, is too cute for words and as a result, I say that she should not serve any time whatsoever.  She was not, like DMB, drunk.  If Berg had been drunk, I would be singing a different tune, because I usually have no tolerance for drunk drivers.  But DMB was a special case.

Back to Berg, she seems like a decent woman who made a poor decision.  Driving at 155 mph is dangerous, yes, but in Berg’s case, again, I can overlook it.  The villain of this story is the biker.  Bikers do not belong on public roads, because they victimize innocent people such as Berg.

It will be interesting to see how this story plays out, but I expect that she will be offered a deal that won’t see her behind bars.

(Photo credit: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)