I wasn’t surprised at all

I am angrier than a man with ED in a room with a naked, ready and willing whore over this next story.  New York City has, in recent months and years, become the most dangerous city in the world, in addition to being the filthiest given that it has more rats than humans.

One of the biggest fads is people shoving other people onto the subway tracks.  So, I wasn’t surprised when I encountered this story.  Yet another man has shoved another man onto the tracks.  And here’s another thing that didn’t shock me: the alleged pusher is, of course, a black man.

Yes, I knew that it was a colored boy who stands accused of murdering an innocent person before I even saw his mug shot.  And, of course, it’s being reported that the accused is supposedly mentally ill and, also no surprise, he has a rap sheet.

First of all, there’s no such thing as mental illness.  It’s a made up thing designed to let people wiggle out of accountability for doing dastardly things.  It’s just that simple, gentle reader.  So his scumbag public defender will try everything in his or her power to make it so that the slimeball whose name isn’t deserving of being put into print on this blog to make sure he tap dances out of court free to murder again no doubt.

According to the New York Post article, a witness described the accused as not being mentally ill, just violent, which is to be expected when speaking or writing about a black person.  Settle down, snowflake.  You know I’m telling the truth here.

Just going into NYC these days is a death wish.  This story is proof of that.  It is not safe down there in the subways.  Nor the buses.  Nor the streets, where people are randomly punching other people in their face.  It’s disgusting and it’s enough to make anyone sick.

Anyway, I’ll be even more honest: when I read the headline, I told my cat that it was probably a n–ger who did it, and of course I was right; the man who stands accused is a little ghetto boy living in the ghetto streets.  White people have more class than to shove people to their deaths onto subway tracks.

Don’t feel sorry for this piece of excrement.  He most certainly is not mentally ill, for such a thing does not exist in reality.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is, in my opinion, either lying or a moron.  Hopefully, a jury sees through this and puts him into prison without any possibility for parole.

I don’t feel one bit sorry if you’re offended that I would write about colored people the way that I am.  Deal with it.  Statistically speaking, black people make up the highest number of criminals than any other race.

Word to the wise: stay out of New York City, unless you wish to come home in a pine box.