Review: Redfax

 I’m angrier than a bird with no bird seed over the fact that I haven’t written this article before today.  For several years, I have been a client of a fax company known as Redfax, a service of Sharktek Consulting.  For just $4.95 a month, I enjoy a fax number that allows me to send and receive faxes through an online portal or via e-mail.

I have to admit that I was nervous about doing business with Redfax because of the fact that their address is actually one of those virtual office arrangements as opposed to an actual private office.  They most likely use the virtual office solution.  That made me me nervous as doing business with vendors who don’t actually have their own office.  But I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go.  I have yet to be disappointed.

I have my own fax number in my local area code and the online interface makes it extremely easy to compose a fax.  The billing portal is accessible in the interface and it is easy to receive and pay invoices.  Given that the fax infrastructure lives in the cloud, the service is reliable and I have yet to experience downtime.

Redfax boasts numerous high-profile clients, including Quicken Loans and Allstate, and likely hosts many small businesses and people such as myself who simply need an inexpensive and reliable fax service.  I tried other providers, including eFax and behemoth Go Daddy, but they brought me nothing but trouble and they charged way more than they were worth.  That is not the case with Redfax.

Indeed, Redfax has been patient with me through a billing oversight and when I wanted to change my fax number.  Their customer support representatives respond quickly via email.  And all of that for just five bucks!

Of course, I pay $4.95 because I am an individual customer.  Of course, the larger the client, the larger the need and, of course, the higher monthly premium, but I am sure that those premiums, like mine, are reasonable.

If you need an inexpensive fax solution, I would highly recommend Redfax.  I’ve tried other vendors and they have all disappointed.  Redfax has yet to fail me.