Michael Crook


Harsh. Unforgiving. Evil.


UPDATED 11/13/2018 @ 6:43 a.m.: With documents!  [Read Here]  An opinion-based article on how officers, detectives and deputies in Albany County, New York treat the mentally ill and seizure-prone, beating --with permission of APD and ACSO top brass and the district attorney's office-- me, while unarmed and while compliant, when I was having a seizure in June 2017 and, two months previous, while I was in the throes of a bipolar/schizophrenic manic episode.


I am Michael Crook, writer, geneaologist/historian and American Sign Language interpreter, of Albany, New York. I am not kind. I am not friendly. I am unrelenting and unforgiving. I am not in any way approachable or affable. In fact, I make the Nazis look like a box full of cuddly kittens. I have been described as heartless, cruel and unfeeling. Indeed, it is so. This is why I'm in excess of forty years and perpetually single.

As a seizure-prone person and as a mentally ill person, it angers me beyond words that the Albany Police Department and Albany County Sheriff's Office openly assaults people while they're having seizures. Sadly, I have to deal with one of their degenerate detectives --whom I suspect of being heavily involved in my assault-- and his annoyingly perky wife at church. But more on that is in my article.

To be certain, I am not a particularly social creature. I run from socialization like my cats from a bath. I have been called "closed-minded," whereas I would say I am educated and realistic. Outside of church, in which I am very active, I do not play well with others. Indeed, I am easily annoyed. I do not use social networking sites, nor do I play interactive games. I find such interaction to be vulgar. However, like most anyone else, I do have hobbies.

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