She couldn’t take the heat

I’m angrier than a blogger who’s got nothing better to write about than a story about a girl who just couldn’t take the heat.  Jocelyn Walters, 14, committed suicide in 2022 after fellow students allegedly ghosted and bullied her.  If this happened in 2022, then why the hell is it news now?  In my opinion, pure and undeniable greed.

Yep, here we have yet another cause of sue, sue, sue, greed, greed, greed.  Her parents, in my opinion, are suing anybody and everybody they can think of for no other reason than a glorious payday.  If they felt that their daughter was so wronged, then they would have sued a lot sooner.  Or better yet, they wouldn’t have sued at all.  Lawsuits are always about greed.

Allegedly, one girl went really hard against Walters by trying to “instigate” her into doing something that the unnamed girl could get Walter in trouble for.  After Walters died, she apparently texted friends and told them to stop “making a controversy” out of it.

Look, Walters’ suicide is no one’s fault but her own.  She chose to do that.  Rather than fight back, rather than just take the heat, she took the coward’s way out.  Her parents should not benefit financially from their daughter’s cowardice.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.  Hopefully, the defendants will not be intimidated into a settlement.  Hopefully, they countersue, go to trial and prevail.  Walters was just a punk kid.  A coward.  A loser.  Don’t let her parents benefit.