Why would you pay that way?

I’m angrier than a former retail store manager who sees that, in 2024, retail customers still want to pay by personal check?  This isn’t, say, 1989.  Apparently, some stores still accept a form of payment that has pretty much gone the way of the dodo.

Target still accepts personal checks.  That is, the retail chain announced, until the fifteenth.  Here’s the thing: why is there a need to use a paper check anyway?  I do have a checking account, and the bank sent me paper checks in a small cardboard box.  Where are they?  In my storage unit.  How many times have I needed them in the 13 years I’ve had the account?  Zero.  Every business accepts debit or credit cards.  Hell, my landlord accepts rent through Venmo.

These days, everyone has a checking account.  Everybody also has a debit card.  Many have credit cards.  Why, then, would anyone have the need to write out a paper check and hold up the line?  The only reason that I can think of is that a check writer is trying to get one over.  I mean, if the funds are there, just use your debit card.  What’s so difficult about that?

I was once a retail store manager.  When I started, the store accepted paper checks.  On my first day, I eliminated checks as an acceptable payment method.  Sure, customers complained, but I point out that if the funds are there, they should simply use their debit cards.

Paper checks are selfish in a retail environment.  The time it takes to write the check and to have the cashier process it is time that could go to the next guy.  A paper check writer is giving you the finger and giving the store a potentially worthless payment method.

Target made the right call.  Let’s see if others follow.