Much ado about nothing whatsoever

I’m angrier than a blogger whose phone started blowing up with text messages and calls over something that was proven to be false. It’s my policy to walk away from my blog after business hours, on weekends and on holidays except in the event of major breaking news.  But since my streaming was interrupted, I figured I’d look into this story.

I took an hour to decide if this counts, monitoring X and the mainstream media outlets, and I’ve decided that this barely qualifies, because it has to do with what happens when one clown who claims to have “sources” spreads falsehoods and passes those falsehoods off as “breaking news.”

A few hours ago, a self-declared “investigative journalist” tweeted that PFN Joe Biden was having a medical emergency on Air Force One.  From there, the story just got wilder and less credible.

That Biden would have a medical emergency is plausible.  He’s old, feeble and, in my opinion, not competent.

But as more and more people on X fancied themselves legitimate journalists put out information without vetting it, the more comical the situation became.

The story goes that some reporters were initially granted access to Air Force One, but plans changed at the last minute.  Another story goes that Air Force One landed and reporters were rushed off the plane.

Then, it seems, because no one saw Biden leave the plane, someone put out the information that alleged a medical emergency.  Yes, by all means, folks.  If plans change at the last minute, that must mean Biden’s in medical crisis!

No legitimate news source (bloggers such as myself and anyone on X who are not attached to a legitimate news agency, are not valid news sources for something like this, in my opinion!) said a peep.  If something were really amiss, information would emerge and the major broadcast networks would have interrupted prime time programming in favor of breaking news coverage.

Given that I did work in the industry, I know how NBC handles breaking into programming and offering urgent special news alerts to its affiliates, and NBC carried on with its regular programming schedule.  That wouldn’t be the case had Biden’s “emergency” really happened.

You see, real sources, sources like NBC, ABC and CBS, are reliable as is the Associated Press and Reuters.  Nothing from them.  Why?  Because nothing happened and somewhere, somehow, someone thought something was happening when it was not and somehow it made it to X.

And let’s look at this realistically.  If there were a real medical emergency, AF1 would have diverted to the nearest airport and Biden would have been rushed to the nearest hospital.  Nothing like that happened, because AF1 making an emergency landing anywhere in the US would get the attention of local news outlets and that attention would spread to the networks.

Some people believe anything they read on X.  They don’t vet the information.  They don’t check mainstream media sources.  Nope, if X says it, it must be true.

As of the time that I published this, Biden was at his Delaware home, watching his pre-recorded interview for ABC News.  Just because reporters may very well have not seen him deplane, that doesn’t mean anything.

Also as of the time that I published this, the apparent originator of the rumor, whom I won’t name as I don’t want to give them free publicity, is insisting that their information is true, citing the fact that reporters were barred from boarding AF1 at the last minute.

Access being yanked at the last minute is barely newsworthy and there are plenty of valid reasons why that would happen.  A medical emergency just doesn’t seem plausible given that he wasn’t rushed to medical care.

Back to the originator, they are insisting that Biden really did have a medical emergency and supposedly, he’s fallen and he can’t get up.

Allegedly, Biden’s staff is being told to tell everyone that everything’s just fine, which, of course, it is.  As of the time this article was published, no legitimate news source is reporting anything.  Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, nothing happened whatsoever.

To me, it sounds and looks as if a lot of people put their tin foil hats on this evening.  Take my advice: it’s better to never trust a word you read on X unless it’s coming from a legitimate news source.

Sorry, some random blogger with a podcast is not, to me, a valid news source, especially in situations such as this and especially when they claim to have “sources,” but won’t cite those supposed sources.  Speaking of sources, what are mine?  Here you go.

I will admit that, for a moment, I hoped that it was true.  It would be nice to get Biden off the ticket, and it would be even nicer to get him booted from office immediately (25th Amendment, anyone?), but, sorry, not today.  We’re still stuck with him.