Piss and poop? No thanks.

I’m angrier than a guy whose governor wants him to make him extremely sick.  Yep, you read that right.  Governor Hochul has taken it upon herself to start herself a little campaign, yeah, a little drive.  “Get Offline, Get Outside!”  That’s her mantra.  Who the hell does she think she is?  What the hell does she think it is, 1991?

Hochul wants people to go to public swimming pools.  As an enticement, fees to access swimming pools at state parks will be waived.  The problem is that public pools are not where you want to be if you take your health seriously.  That’s because people think nothing of pissing and pooping in pools.Parents think nothing of letting their babies poop.  “But, they’re wearing a diaper!” mothers will cry.  It doesn’t matter.  Poop is poop.  How do you feel about swimming in water that is full of feces and urine?  You don’t like it, you say?  Then why in the hell would you even consider for one second the possibility of going to a public pool?

I have to wonder if Hochul would wade into a public pool.  Would she be okay swimming in human waste?  If not, why should we be okay with it?

Yes, I know how to swim.  Yes, I know what it’s like to swim in a public pool.  But once I was taught that people, baby and adults, use swimming pools as their own toilet without regard to the health of others.

So, by all means, Albany, have yourself a blast.  Wade into a pool.  But don’t cry to me when you get pink eye and catch other nasty diseases.