This is why transgenderism is wrong

I’m angrier than a right-thinking, intelligent person who sees the country going to hell in a handbasket over all the LGBT nonsense that’s going on in this country.  And today, things are even worse.  Nikki Hiltz, a transgender athlete, was allowed to compete in an event and won.

These LGBT perverts want to make up their own genders, they want to be religious while knowing that transgenderism and its companion sins are evil and that people who put these things into practice are not true Christians, they want to make the government recognize their perverse ways and they write music that celebrates the LGBT sins.

As for Hiltz, it shouldn’t have been allowed to compete in the first place.  It should have simply minded its own business.

Trannies should not be given special treatment.  They already get to go into whatever public bathroom they want, putting minors at risk of rape and other perverse act that trannies are known for.  Society is not safe or decent as long as trannies are allowed to exist.

Trans people are not entitled to special treatment.  They should not be respected or acknowledged.  They should be referred to using the gender into which they were born.  This is all not up for debate.  Transgenderism is wrong on so many levels: religiously and morally for the most.  Don’t fall for its lies.

It’s time to do something about all these trannies and Make America Decent Again.