Another shot at justice

I’m angrier than a MAGA Republican over the fact that Trump’s conviction hasn’t been overturned.  I’m angry because that American hero Donald Trump was arrested in the first place.  After the Supreme Court’s landmark decision that Trump’s official acts are immune from prosecution, the judge and prosecution have agreed to delay his sentencing.

The sentencing will now take place in September, which means that the Republicans will nominate their candidate before his punishment is known, assuming that the higher courts don’t overturn the sentence first.  Will Republicans stand by their man, or will they turn traitor and designate a new Republican candidate?Time will tell, but I am certain that Trump’s supporters will not turn their backs.  Now, if he is sentenced to prison, that could make things rather spicy.  But he could still win, and he could still govern from his cell.  Such a thing would be unprecedented, but if it’s what’s needed to bring back the best president the United States has known in recent years, then that’s what needs to happen.

Trump will be the 47th president.  Bank on that.