What a debate!

I’m angrier than a blogger who couldn’t stay awake long enough to watch last night’s presidential debate all the way through.

It was so hard to watch, because it seemed like elder abuse letting the child molesting, shower with daughter taking, teen girl sniffing DemocRATic candidate PFN Joe Biden debate American hero Donald Trump.

Throughout the debate, Biden’s voice was raspy, sometimes never there.  He seemed confused, lost and, at times, he probably didn’t know where he was.  His facial expressions and mannerisms were indicative of someone who’s mentally gone.  That’s scary given that he’s the sitting president.

Of course, the debate touched on a lot of topics and I’m not going to sit here and give a play-by-play.  What I will write is that Trump was well spoken, organized and competent.  Biden, however, proved that he’s too old and feeble to handle another four-year term.  He may not even make it through this term.

Things were so bad that, not even halfway through the debate, DemocRATS were calling for a new candidate to be chosen, abandoning their president.  Well, maybe DemocRATs aren’t as stupid as they seem.

While Trump was concise and pleasant to listen to, Biden rambled on and on and did so repeatedly.

Last month, Biden said to Trump in a video message, “make my day, pal.”  Well, it looks like Trump ran rings around Biden and it was Bide who made Trump’s day.  His campaign staff must have been in full panic mode the whole debate.  Their candidate is a poster boy for the 25th Amendment.

There were a lot of bizarre Bidenisms last night, but this takes the cake:

“There’s a lot of young women who are being raped by their… by their in-laws, by their… by their spouses, brothers and sisters, by… just… it’s just… it’s just ridiculous.”

What did that have to do with anything?  Nothing.

Biden was full of anger and insults.  Trump was calm and civil.  Biden accused Trump of “molesting a woman in public,” which is false.  And then he further accused POTUS #45 and #47 of having “sex with a porn star while [his] wife was pregnant.”

Throughout the debate, Trump made relevant and compelling arguments.

A whopping 62% of people who were polled last night believed Biden should be dumped in favor of a younger, more competent candidate.  His candidacy is effectively over.

Biden was full of stupid comments last night, and if you want the play by play in detail, there are plenty of other blogs and websites that can help you out.  I’m focusing on the here and there.

For example, Biden accused Trump of having “the morals of an alley cat.”  But this comes from a man who took showers with his daughter, apparently molested her and who likes touching young girls.

What I did like is that they briefly touched on World War III, a topic that I cover extensively and I will continue to do so.

Of the worldwide conflict that will happen this year, Trump said, “we are closer to World War III and he is driving us there.”  This is true.  Under Trump, we weren’t under hair-trigger responses.  Under Biden, however, we’re seconds away from Putin launching a first strike.

And the story goes on and on.

Last night was a victory for Trump, who CNN said won the debate, Republicans in general and each and every one of his supporters.  If the DemocRATS keep Biden on the ticket, then they are either blind or stupid.