Who will be the masterdebater?

I’m angrier than a MAGA Republican who can’t attend tonight’s debate.  I’m angry because there doesn’t need to be a debate.  Trump is our 47th president and that is not up for debate!  See what I did there?

Yes, tonight is the much-awaited debate between PFN Joe Biden, the DemocRAT who took showers with his daughter and Republican hero Donald Trump.  Actually, it’s not going to be much of a debate.  What cannot be disputed is that the DemocRATs have damaged our country almost beyond repair.The debate, if you want to call it that, will commence at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.    CNN, which is hosting the debate, reports that what happens tonight will be the most influential debate in the entire history of our once great country.  And yes, I did just write that.  As long as Biden, or any DemocRAT for that matter, leads our nation, we will never regain our greatness.

Tonight will be the first time when a sitting president and a former president will go head to head.  For those of you who will be watching CNN tonight, the cable channel has offered up this report to show what will happen tonight and how it will happen.

There are so many topics that could come up tonight.  CNN has to be fair and impartial tonight.  But some of the topics that I would like Trump and the moderator to touch on are the following:

  • Why did Biden take showers with his daughter?
  • Why is Biden such a pedophile?
  • Why does Biden enjoy sniffing teenage girls?
  • Is Biden healthy enough to make it through another four years, given that he can’t stand for very long and given that he falls down almost everywhere he goes?
  • Why did Biden molest his daughter?
  • Why has Biden been accused of sexual assault?
  • Why hasn’t Biden been held accountable?
  • Why hasn’t Biden done the right thing and resign?

These are some of the questions I hope are brought up.  Now, as for American hero Donald Trump, who only wants to make America great again, I’d like to see these things brought up:

  • In his previous term, Trump brought America together and repaired the damage that President Osama did.  What does he plan to do to clean up the mess left behind after Biden’s poor leadership?
  • What steps will he take to make America even greater than he’s already made it?
  • What plans does he have to make the Second Amendment even stronger?
  • How quickly will he repeal Osamacare?
  • Will he invalidate Biden’s ridiculous executive orders?
  • What vision does he have for the country over the next four years when he takes the presidency back?

There are rumblings that Biden is not doing well with his debate preparation.  Will he be able to stand for 90 minutes?  Will he forget things?  Will he be able to go that long without taking a shower with a minor girl?  Will he able to get by with no sniffing of teenage girls?

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, this promises to be a history-making debate and I for one can’t wait.  Hell, I might just sleep through the entire thing knowing that Trump will win the debate just like he’ll win back the White House.  It’s already a happy day for Republicans.  Trump mopping the floor with Biden is just the icing on the cake.

Yes, Biden and the entire DemocRATic party have ruined America.  But it may not be too late!  If anyone can Make America Great, it’ll be him!