The Albany Police ARE scum!

I’m angrier than someone who just found out their local police department betrayed the entire city.  Yup!  I’ve written numerous articles about the Albany Police Department, especially one of their detectives who I feel abused his church authority to supply the department with information.

But now, the department has done something really bad.  It’s the type of thing that is unforgivable.  The department stands accused of hiding an arrest of an illegal who is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl.  The suspect was, thankfully, arrested, but the department failed to notify the city’s citizens about the violent crime.In a move that’s no surprise, Eric Hawkins, the department’s chief, refused to be accountable and defended his department sweeping the arrest under the carpet.  He claimed that they don’t release information on sexual assaults, because that night traumatize the victim.

The victim might very well want to stay out of the media.  That’s why all the department had to do was announce that they’d arrested an illegal who allegedly committed a violent sexual crime.  Of course they would never name the victim.  That would absolutely traumatize any victim.

But the city has a right to know!

As for the suspect, he had bail set, but because he’s illegal, he will not be released, making the city slightly safer.  But why would the department keep something like this a secret?  Were they trying to play down the violent crimes that are increasingly happening here in Albany?  Were they trying to impress someone?

The police department is duty-bound to inform the public about something such as this.  There is no excuse whatsoever to keep something like this a secret.

Albany’s police department has a history of hiding things.  When I was assaulted by one of their officers in 2017, they did everything they could to sweep it under the carpet.  They never accepted any form of accountability.  They never disciplined a detective who allegedly used information he had access to at my now-former church to inform the police department.  It’s all in the link that I provided you with, along with this.

The Albany Police Department is good at obfuscating and at lying.  They wouldn’t inform the public about something as serious, dangerous and evil as a rape.

What else is our police department hiding from us?