Kindlon FTW!

I’m angrier than a poll worker over the fact that in one precinct, only 107 people came out to vote yesterday.  Yes, I’m a poll worker in Albany County, and yes, I was on duty from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.  I was waiting all day to see how Lee Kindlon, a candidate for county district attorney, did.

When we read off the final numbers for our precinct, he lost in one district, but won in mine.  The final tally tipped in his favor just after midnight, after tabulating all polling sites.

While I was serving at the polls, I was forbidden to say anything about Kindlon or any of the candidates because of strict electioneering laws.  I was assigned to a polling place that had tons of campaign signs on the lawn in front of the building, including his.

I took it upon myself to remove those signs because I estimated that those signs were within the 100 foot rule.  And yes, I put them back before I left.  I hid them inside the site so that no one could see them and accuse me of electioneering.

As my frequent visitors know, I supported Kindlon over the incumbent candidate Dave Soares.  Soares thought he would get another term, but not too long ago, he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, giving himself a bonus that he apparently wasn’t entitled to.

He tried to keep that bonus, but when he was exposed in the local media, he conveniently gave it back.  He didn’t give it back of his own volition and not only did he not apologize, he defended himself,  That, for many, was the nail in his coffin.

So, last night, justice was done, and Soares is out.  No matter what happens in November, Soares’ goose is cooked and he will soon be unemployed.

But Kindlon isn’t out of the woods yet.  In November, he will duel with the Republican candidate.  I don’t know much about Ralph Ambrosio, nor do I care enough to learn, but I do know that I won’t be voting for him.  I’m crossing party lines to vote for Kindlon, because I think that he is what’s best for the county.

You might say that Kindlon wants to make Albany County great again! But to achieve that goal, he’ll have to clean up the mess that Soares will leave behind.  That could take a while.

Both of the candidates are veterans, and for that, I thank Kindlon and Ambrosio, but serving is not a golden ticket.  Ambrosio will have his hands full competing with Kindlon, whose resume that I admit I barely glanced at, is far more impressive than Ambrosio’s.

There’s nothing to do now but wait until November 5th.  And I will be there for fifteen hours, just like last night.