The end is definitely nigh!

I’m angrier than a person who just found out that his prediction that World War III would start before the nation has a chance to make American hero Donald Trump our 47th president is probably correct.  That’s because Russia has sworn revenge on the United States.  I touched on this topic already earlier today, but now things are getting really spicy and it warrants a follow-up.

The New York Post posted an article with a screaming headline that makes it clear that “Russia vows retaliation.”  Retaliation for what, you may ask?  You can read today’s earlier article, or I can give you the short version: they’re pissed that Ukraine launched a missile strike against Crimea using weaponry that we supplied them.

Russia, therefore, blames both Ukraine and us, especially since there were civilian casualties.  And to be honest, I don’t begrudge the former Soviet Union their blame.  It’s a touchy subject.  Ukraine is Russia’s victim, and we should absolutely show our support.  But we’ve spent billions of dollars and we’ve donated weapons that we would need when World War III happens, which will be a go before the November 5th election.

Indeed, when we supply them with such weaponry, we run the risk of being blamed should things go sideways.  And it looks like things went sideways here.  Civilians had to run for cover, and several died with many more injured.  If Ukraine had struck strategic military targets, I think things would have gone different.  But here we are.

I choose to believe that Ukraine didn’t mean to takeout civilians, but whomever made that decision has to no business making decisions.

Today, Russia promised they’d even the score.  The question is: how will they do that?  Will they launch conventional weapons against Ukraine?  Will they strike Ukraine and our military installations over there?  Or will Putin decide to launch the ICBM’s that are, at this very moment, pointed at targets all around our nation?

If Russia launches a strike, we’ll have less than thirty minutes to pay them back, but by that time, we’ll be flattened.  Done for.  Sure, our NATO allies will jump in, under the order of Article Five, but by then it’ll be too late.  As I wrote earlier today, there are many targets to strike, and Russia is well-prepared.  They literally have our number and they will think nothing of sinking our battleship.

Our ambassador in Russia was summoned today and was probably read the riot act.  The Kremlin told her that America is “waging a hybrid war against Russia and has actually become a party to the conflict.”  This should be enough to scare anyone in the United States.

So we know Russia is going to retaliate.  There’s nothing that we can do to stop them.  We are sitting ducks at this point and we don’t know what their next move  is going to be.  If they launch against Ukraine and our assets in that part of the world, NATO countries will be obligated to jump in and there’s our World War III.

The people who blame PFN Joe Biden for slowly dragging us into a third global conflict are absolutely correct.  But it’s looking more and more likely that war will come sooner rather than later.  If Russia blames us directly, Putin can do any number of things.

I’m not in a position to know, of course, but I’m willing to wager that we are on high alert and I will also assume that we’re now at DEFCON 2, which is the final step towards an all-out nuclear conflict.  Now it seems more likely that we are at DEFCON 3, which is a heightened state of readiness, but given Russia’s threat, if I were in charge, I’d be super vigilant.

The NYP further reported:

“Moscow ultimately warned Tracy that the attack would “not go unpunished” and that “retaliatory measures will definitely follow.”


Anyone can see that retaliation is coming.  Hell, lots of people, such as myself, will likely agree that we deserve to be spanked because we’ve been making Ukraine’s launches possible.  But the “X factor” is that we don’t know how or when the retaliation is coming, so you can bet that our military is on a higher level alert than yesterday.  Of course, the general public won’t ever know, because our DEFCON level is likely classified.

Russia is saying quite clearly, according to the NYP, that there will be “retaliation” and there will be “consequences.”  Again, the not knowing is what’s concerning.  I’m willing to bet that people who have purchased private bunker condos and things like that are likely moving in right now.

This is the sign that I’ve said will be coming.  This is it, folks.  I don’t know what’s going through Putin’s mind, nor the minds of his advisors, but you can bet that whatever they do, it will be shock and awe.  If Putin feels that it’s time to launch the nukes, knowing that we will retaliate, we are screwed.  Both countries will be brought to their knees, which is likely the only thing holding Putin back.

But he will only be held back to a certain degree.  Our involvement in Ukraine’s defense will one day come back to bite us in the ass, and it appears that that day is upon us.  I fully support Ukraine.  I agree that they are Russia’s victim.  I hope that there’s a change of heart somewhere and that Russia exits the conflict.  But that’s wishful thinking.

The end is nigh, folks.  How nigh?  As Russia said today, “time will tell.”

Rest assured that everyone will be affected, even those hiding in bunkers, because Russia has their numbers too and the silos and bunkers may not be as safe as people are thinking they are, especially given that Russia knows just where to detonate and given just how powerful Russia’s weapons are.

Even the men and women who will, upon Biden’s order, launch the missiles, are not safe.  They will, despite claims to the contrary, will suffer just like the rest of us.  Bunkers and silos can only provide so much safety.  Those who are privileged enough to have access to these things need to understand that they’re not so special after all.

You can bet that Mount Weather will be attacked as will NORAD.  They were built at a time when they estimated damage with nuclear warheads were a certain strength.  Today’s missiles are much, much stronger.

Many of us will be vaporized and will not die a slow, agonizing death as the skin melts off of bodies and as radiation overcomes millions of bodies, even with the use of Potassium Iodide.

As for me, I want to be vaporized.  I’ll be destroyed faster than the signal of the flash from the ICBM reaches my brain.  I want this because I see how the world will be after the ICBM’s are depleted,  Those who survive might very well come to wish that they hadn’t survived.

But, hey, to each his own.  If you want to survive and witness the end of civilization and experience the loss of everything, like clean water, safe-to-eat food, money, medical care, the internet, peaceful society and so much more, then that’s your choice.  My decision, and the decisions of millions more, would be to go less than instantly.

I guess the ball’s in Russia’s court.  We have nothing to do but sit back and await Putin’s decision as to how they’re going to spank us.