A tornado warning

I’m angrier than a blogger who just wanted a weekend off from blogging.  As my frequent visitors know, this website is not updated on weekends or major holidays, barring major breaking news.  Well, there is major breaking news happening right now in Albany and in surrounding cities and counties.  As of this moment, and until later tonight, the entire area is under a tornado warning.

There are two events: a tornado warning and a tornado watch.  A watch is concerning, because something might happen, but a warning is much worse.  It means something will happen.  I am in the area under the watch and as of right now, there’s thunder in the distance, but not much else.  Maybe a little rain, but I’m not going outside to see.  I’m just that lazy.

Usually, these warnings don’t affect Albany at all but for some minor rain and thunder.  The greatest damage is always done elsewhere.

But today, those things could be accompanied by heavy wind, winds that will take down power lines and that means not only will electricity go out, but so too will cable and internet connections.  That’s what concerns me me the most.

Power I can do without for a few hours,  just as I did a few months for five hours when a major snow storm knocked out power for much of Albany.  And, yes, I am charging my phone so it will be at full capacity should the power go down.  That way, I will have access to email, social media and, should I need it, administering this website.

According the National Weather Service and local media, this purported tornado has the potential to do some damage.  So, if you’re in the area that is affected by this warning, and I see that the majority of my visitors are from Albany ever since I wrote a story about a pilot who I feel was incompetent, because she crashed her plane over the area, you would probably do well to stay in your basements.

My house is old, having been built in 1902, which means that it’s survived worse than this.  I am writing this from the basement, which I assure you is not my mother’s, as some say, but is mine.

Even though my phone is blowing up with alerts from every local news station, I’m pretty sure I won’t be affected and I’m confident that this will be a lot of fuss about nothing since nothing is happening now.  Even so, a little caution is called for no matter how unlikely anything is to happen.