What an awful ruling!

I’m angrier than a Second Amendment supporter who just saw the highest Court in the land render one of the worst decisions that they’ve made since SCOTUS’ formation in 1789.

The ruling that has me fired up?  The Supreme Court has upheld a law that prevents people convicted of domestic abuse from legally owning guns.  The ruling was 8-1.  At least one person had the fortitude to at least try to stand up for what’s right.

This happened because a man by the name of Zackey Rahimi, assaulted his girlfriend in a parking lot and threatened to shoot her.  He saw a witness standing by, so he aimed and shot towards that person.  What he did was a crime.  There’s no defending what he did.  But he served his time and got out of prison.

Now that he’s paid his debt to society, he should be able to move on with his life, which means he should own a gun if he so chooses.  An appeals court eventually stepped in and said that the law that was preventing him from legally owning a gun is constitutional.  The federal government didn’t like that and they whined to SCOTUS.

So today is a sad day for the Second Amendment.  Of course people who are accused and convicted domestic abusers should serve time, but once that time is up, their 2A rights should be honored.

No, today SCOTUS got it wrong, and there’s no one else to appeal to.  Rahimi, in this case, is the victim, not the aggressor.