Time to treat them equally

I’m angrier than a patriot who sees the unfair treatment the young men of our country are getting.  I’m angry because the draft does not, at this point, include women.  Right now, men have to register within thirty days of their 18th birthday, or it’s a felony.  There’s a bill that, if it becomes law, will make that enrollment automatic.

Some people are shocked that the draft is even a subject these days, because the draft hasn’t been used since 1973.  Well, given that the military’s enrollment numbers are the lowest they’ve been in more than fifty years, it only stands to reason that the draft is a “when,” not an “if.”

World War III is slowly starting.  The warning signs are there for all to see.  So we need warm bodies.  Over the past day, I’ve seen numerous people on TikTok and elsewhere who claim to be patriots yell and scream that they won’t send their children to defend our country.  Their children are too good for the military, too good for the draft.

Those parents can no longer consider themselves patriots.  There’s one irate man who, cursing almost every other word, refuses to allow his children to be drafted.

First of all, he doesn’t have the authority to decide that.  Second of all, his kids aren’t too good for the ‘hood.  His kids should be the first to be drafted, just to show him the error of his ways.

People who object to being drafted or who object to their children being drafted are, in my opinion, traitors, who have no problem with other people being sent.  It’s sort of a “not in my backyard” type of situation.

Well, the time is almost at hand where people will be rounded up and sent, despite their tears and arrogance.  Those who refuse to go should be tied to a post and executed for treason and cowardice.  Draft dodgers should get the same treatment.

Lots of people have dodged the draft, especially celebrities who apparently thought they were too high and mighty to serve.  Ted Nugent, Chevy Chase, John Wayne, Muhammed Ali and other celebrities indeed dodged the draft.  Draft dodgers are worse than child molesters.

The draft was good enough for men in the Vietnam War, but now that it’s quite possible that a global war will once again start and that people who think they or their children are too good to be drafted, it’s good enough for all of us.  Even women!

That’s right.  Women around our country scream at the top of their lungs that they want to be treated equally, so here’s their chance.  They can be thrown into the hat for possibly being drafted, just like the men of our country.  There is no valid reason for women to be exempt from the draft.

Yes, yes, I hear you whining that women carry, birth and raise the children, but that’s no reason to treat them with kid gloves.  After all, men have their role in children existing too and they can get shipped out while the women shrink from their duty to be patriots.

I say sent the women out and if they are pregnant, they can simply give birth in the theater. We can’t exempt pregnant women, because then, when a draft becomes a more immediate reality, you’ll have women getting pregnant for the sole purpose of dodging the draft, and that can’t happen.

As for raising the children, women can simply sign guardianship over to a third party.  It’s so simple.  Everyone has to make sacrifices during a war, and the women aren’t too good for that.

The Infographics Show has a video that says we should all be terrified of the concept of a re-instated draft.  It’s a well-made video, but it’s propaganda, in my opinion.  There’s no need for concern.  No need to fear a draft.  After all, many people have been drafted before.  The only people who are scared are those who think they’re above the rest of us and shouldn’t be made to serve.

If a man (and hopefully soon, a woman!) is a true patriot, then they won’t have a need for a draft.  Unless, of course, that person thinks he or she is too good to serve their country.

A lot of people these days claim to love their country, but they won’t step up and join voluntarily.  They’re perfectly okay with letting the others do the hard work and, sadly, possibly lay down their lives for their country.  No, there are too many entitled snowflakes who think they’re better than the many people who have served their country valiantly.

Another thing that should be considered is conscription, meaning that every man and woman, upon turning 18, should be forced to serve their country for, say, two years.  This works for other countries, so perhaps it’s time to bring it to ours.

During the other wars, there were exemptions to the draft.  Many of them.  As a result, many men got special treatment. The Selective Service currently has on its website a list of possible classifications, exemptions and deferments, and they are weak and should be abolished.

Some of the people who are currently exempt include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ministers
  • Politicians
  • Veterans
  • Immigrants
  • People with certain health or mental conditions

And, I’m sure, the list goes on and on.

Well, this time around, I say there should be no exemptions whatsoever.  There should be no deferments either. Everyone should be on the same playing field.  If your number is up, you go immediately, regardless of what you want or think you deserve.

If a man is still in high school, he should still be made to go.  He can get his GED when he comes back, if he comes back.  If he’s in college, he should be yanked out and sent on his merry way.

Veterans should be rounded up and sent back out.  They served once, so they should have no problem with serving again, right?  Immigrants should likewise go.  If they want to steal the American way of life, then they can pay for it.

Ministers shouldn’t be given special treatment.  They can go too.

Now, I’ll bet you’re wondering about me.  I’ve gotten numerous comments through email saying that if I feel this way, I should go.  I agree.  But I can’t.  You see, I did serve in the Army, very briefly. I am legally a veteran.

Federal law defines a veteran as someone who served in the military and who was discharged for any reason but dishonorable.  I was not dishonorably discharged, so I am one of those veterans who I feel should be sent out.  I never saw combat and I am not entitled to benefits because I did not serve long enough.

Why was I forced out?  I have a heart condition that, under current regulations, prevents me from serving.  I lied about it, or rather, I “forgot” to mention my condition. That’s what my recruiters told me to do and I did it.

When I got down to Fort Benning, I passed out twice during qualifying runs and was sent to the doctor.  He found the heart murmur and I was placed on restricted duty, eventually being sent home.  I put in a full day’s work just like everyone else.

Yes, I pushed paperwork and did other administrative duties, but from 0500 to 2100, I worked.  I did not sit back on my bunk, waiting for the discharge paperwork to come down.

I did absolutely everything I could to get back in.  I went through a congressional appeal and did everything I could to return.  But my re-entry code is such that no branch will touch me.  I tried.

My wife at the time then told me if I didn’t stop trying, she’d leave me.  So I stopped.  We ended up getting divorced a year later anyway, but I’m to this day surprised that she tried to stop me from serving.

Even after all that, however, I am still not too good for the draft.

If a draft should ever come to pass again, and it will, then I should man up and go back in.  I probably would be relieved of my draft obligations because of my age and my medical condition that shut down a military career that I truly wanted, but you never know.

At least I tried, right?  There are too many entitled brats who won’t even try.  At least I did.  I signed the same blank check that everyone else did.

So, yes, the draft is good enough for me, even after everything that happened, so the draft should be good enough for others, without delay, excuse, special treatment or regard to gender.

Back to the women.  Just because they have interior plumbing, that does not mean they should be excused from the draft.

Hopefully, if the automatic enrollment plan passes into law, there will be a provision that mandates that the women also get automatically enrolled and, when the time comes, that the women can be forced to go, just like the men.

The women say that they’re equal to men?  Great!  Here’s their chance to prove it!