The scumbag is at it again

I’m angrier than an Albany County resident who sees his elected officials try to tap dance out of accountability at every opportunity.  So it is with a worthless, useless, pathetic scumbag by the name of Michael McLaughlin.  My frequent visitors will recall my reports from last month.  He is the guy who holds a high-ranking county position and who was arrested for DUI.

The County Executive, Daniel McCoy, refused to accept accountability for his employee and, might I add, friend’s alleged actions.  The appropriate thing to do would have been to suspend him without pay while the legal matter moves through the court system.  McCoy refused to be accountable and so too did McLaughlin.

Well, now he wants special treatment.  Big surprise.  Rather than plead guilty and hold himself accountable, he refuses to do the right thing and wants a special prosecutor to boot.  Innocent people don’t need lawyers, so it’s my opinion that all of this is very telling.

All McLaughlin has to do here is the right thing.  It’s my belief that he thinks he’s too good to own the consequences of his actions.  To the contrary, he’s trying everything possible to wiggle out of responsibility.  Keep in mind that drunken drivers put innocent people’s lives at risk.

I allege that that’s what McLaughlin did here.  Would McCoy have suspended McLaughlin if he’d killed someone?  From what I know about the scumbag, McCoy would probably promote McLaughlin and give him a hefty pay raise.  That’s the McCoy way, in my opinion.

It’s a sad day in Albany County when one of the most powerful people in Albany County won’t hold his employees accountable.  Maybe they’re buddy-buddy.  That could be why McCoy isn’t doing the right thing.

As for McLaughlin, he’ll likely get some sweetheart deal and he’ll never truly be held accountable.  Typical government scumbaggery.


(Photo credit: Albany County)