We’re coming close to the end!

I’m angrier than a person who just now realizes the world will end by way of nuclear holocaust, and not by the Second Coming.  I’m more worried than angry, to be honest, because there are two developments that may plead the case for World War III.  Frequent visitors to this site know I go on and on about WWIII, but all the attention is warranted.

We have a potential crisis on our hands and not even our military, the mightiest military in all the world, can do a damn thing to stop World War III from happening, probably within the next couple of months.  First, we are today hearing rumors that China is preparing to invade Taiwan and take control of the islands by force.

The rumor is that we, the United States, want a Chinese invasion.  Of course, our State Department has quickly rejected that claim.  Why would we want that?  If China goes to war against Taiwan, that will certainly spell doom for the entire world.  Who knew the Chinese would be the ones to do us in?

Of course, they’d probably fail against the United States, but its nuclear powers and those of its allies will bring this wretched experiment called life to a halt.

The news reports indicate that China is ready to invade sooner rather than later, so we better start preparing for the bright flash of light.  Preppers and survivalists aside, any sane person would probably want to be at ground zero.  That way, you’ll be vaporized in less time than it takes for the light signal to reach your brain.  No pain, no suffering, as will happen to those exposed to massive amounts of radiation.

The second story isn’t exactly new.  The story began a couple of weeks ago, but came to prominence yesterday as Russia and North Korea announced an alliance wherein they will protect one another in the event of war.  I don’t think anyone will be stupid enough to launch a first strike against Russia, but if someone does, North Korea will jump in and vice versa.

The story goes that the pact is only to be used defensively, not as a first strike tool.  But we all know how irrational Putin and John Ung are.  All it’ll take is one misunderstood action, as almost happened in 1983, and World War III will be upon us.

I think the most likely scenario is that Russia will in fact launch a first strike.  They’ll throw the kitchen sink at us, and North Korea will likewise launch against us.  We’ll have precious few moments to go through the various security and authentication procedures and throw our kitchen sink at both countries.

My confidence is high.  Repeat, confidence is high.  We will go through World War III, which will only take an hour, before the November 5th election.  Write it down in your notebooks and commit it to memory.  Live life as you want to now, is my personal advice.  Take it or leave it.

We should use this time to get our spiritual affairs in order.  Go to Confession. Quit sinning.  Get right with God.

Get your life together, because depending on where you are in relation to a detonation, you could go in less than a fraction of a fraction of a second, or you could agonize for hours and days as radiation ravishes your body.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: yes, there are those who are prepared.  They have provisions and shelter in a silo of some sort.  Anyone can buy a silo or bunker with money.   There are some fancy condominium type arrangements where one buys an apartment.  They say there will be power, television, food, clean water and all manner of other amenities.

Those silos may or may not protect them.  All they have are theories as to how much of a pounding they can take before a detonation takes them and the people in them out.  Spending millions of dollars on a bunker might prove to be a wise investment and a life-saver.  But then again, it could be a case of a fool and his money.  How to decide?

Well, let’s assume that people in their silos, bunkers, or whatever, survive the blast and the radiation.  Sooner or later, they’ll have to crawl out, and I don’t think they’ll much care for the world that would await them.  Water and food?  Poisoned, or people will fight for them to the death.  People will be killing each other for a morsel of bread.

There will be no money, economy, internet, medical care, nor much of anything else.  Who wants to sign up for that?  If you’re a person who’s already planned for the worst and has things shored up as far as sheltering and provisions, good on you.

But just remember today’s nukes are powerful strong and if one detonates over a military or civilian silo, they and the people in them probably won’t survive.  They could survive if the blast is close enough, but even if the bunkers are in the middle of nowhere, just like our nuclear silos are, there’s no guarantee that all that preparation will bear fruit.

Remember: you’ll have to be down there for at least a month because it will take that long for radiation levels to drop to the point that our bodies can tolerate.  When you do come up, the planet you once knew will be no more.  Each one of us has to make the decision for ourselves: is the world we’ll crawl back into a world and existence that we would want?

These two stories are happening right now.  China seems intent on invading Taiwan, and we may be forced to enter their war.  That’ll bring North Korea and its allies into the game.  Russia and North Korea will defend one another and they will fight together in the event of a first strike.

Yes, we have an awesome nuclear weapon inventory, and we are a force to be reckoned with, but there’s only so much to go around.  If Russia, China and North Korea coordinate and launch a first strike, say, this weekend, we’re done for.  If China attacks us on its own, we can take them, but we can’t take much else.

After all, our military personnel numbers are lower than they’ve been since World War II.  That’s alarming!

At some point, and that point is sooner rather than later, our government might need to seriously consider bringing back the draft, forcing cowards who don’t have the patriotic sense to join our military voluntarily into service, just like in the previous world wars and Vietnam, just to name a few.  If you’re a true patriot, you’ll join up right this very day.  Or are you a coward?  I’ve served my country.  Now it’s your turn!

The latest news developments are indeed alarming.  And I fear there’s naught but more bad news coming down the pipe.