Man, it’s a hot one!

I’m angrier than a person who has to stay indoors because it’s so damn hot today.  I am angry because here in Albany, we are technically experiencing a heat wave.  The temperatures have been hovering around 100 degrees and with the humidity, it feels even worse than that.

Early Mass happened today, but the time it was time to go, I made the decision that it was too hot and muggy, even for the five-minute walk.  Right now, it’s stifling hot, and as a result, I am staying indoors in the air conditioning, as the power bill climbs ever higher.

The massive heat problem is expected to last through tomorrow, and things are apparently going to start getting back to normal on Friday.  Until then, however, people have to do what they  have to do to beat the heat.  Be it a swimming pool, staying indoors, or going to a public cooling site in the Albany area, there’s no shame in hiding from the heat.

Of course, not everyone has the option of hiding from the heat.  There are plenty of people who have to work, namely construction workers and public works employees.  Hopefully, decision-makers will call it a wrap for today sooner rather than later.