It’s just not good enough

I’m angrier than a MAGA Republican who’s seeing the DemocRATic party try to drag the United States down even more than it already has.  That’s because many media outlets are reporting, through their opinion sections, that Hillary Clinton should replace Kamala Harris as PFN Joe Biden’s running mate.  That’s good news, but it’s not quite good enough.

The best news would be that, at the last minute, they replace Biden with Clinton as the presidential candidate.  We’re all witnessing Biden’s mental decline.  He’s freezing like a statue, wandering off, and not making any sense, moreso than year gone by.

Even though we know that American hero Donald Trump will return to the Oval Office, we do need to be prepared for the worst possible outcome.  If we do get stuck with a DemocRAT as our president yet again, we simply can’t have our president be Biden.  He’ll drag us right into World War III if he remains in office.  He may drag us in before his term is up anyway.

I have no idea why the 25th Amendment hasn’t been invoked yet, but it should be.  I really don’t think that Biden will make it to January 20th, and maybe not even November 5th.  Something definitely needs to be done right this very moment.  The very safety of our country depends on someone having the stones to put forth a proposal to invoke the 25th.

If anything, it will be amusing, if not historic, to sit back and watch the disaster that has unfolded before our collective eyes.

Sit back, folks.  It can only go downhill from here.