Crash and burn, eh?

There has been a major update to this story. Was Natalie Gillis on crack or was she drunk?  Something else? It’s a strong possibility!

Read the updated story, after reading this, the original article!

I’m angrier than someone who’s in the flight path of an airport where incompetent, some of them, pilots fly by.  What a story we have here!  It seems that a Canadian pilot couldn’t control her plane and she crashed and burned.  Natalie Gillis, of Calgary, Alberta, was the one and only victim.  She came crashing down almost immediately after taking from from Albany International Airport, which isn’t in Albany proper, but in the suburb of Colonie.

It’s a damn good thing that she didn’t take others with her.  Gillis wasn’t only a pilot, but, according to various news reports, she was also a photographer and poet, among other things.  She was flying a Piper PA Navajo, according to the Times Union.

To the left, you can see a plane similar to the one she flew.

Now, Gillis could have taken innocent people with her, and that’s what enrages me.  She was apparently an incompetent pilot and the skies and the ground below are all safe with her being put six feet under.

I really don’t care how accomplished she was.  I’m not going to write a love letter here.  She could have killed people here in the Albany area, at least those in her flight path.  That must not be forgotten.  This is what happens, I guess, when we let Canadians fly in American airspace.

If I’m being honest, I think that one of her many problems was that she was flying an old plane. That’s where the incompetence comes in, in my opinion.

Sooner or later, a plane needs to be retired, and that’s what should have happened here, long before this incident.  The plane was in production from 1967 through 1984.  That means her plane was extremely old and she shouldn’t have been allowed to fly it.

Gillis, of course, knew just how old her plane was, and yet she flew it.  Why?  If she was such an intelligent, accomplished person, surely she’d know that her plane was old and therefore dangerous, in my opinion.

If she had survived, she should have been brought up on criminal charges, because an old plane can crash and it did here.  What would have happened had she killed innocent people?

Blood, Sweat & Tears had it right: what goes up must come down.  She came down and came down hard.  Watching her crash would have been hilarious to watch, because she crashed on account of her own selfishness and, to be frank, incompetence.

It seems that Gillis didn’t care one bit about people on the ground.  If she had, she wouldn’t have flown an old bucket to begin with.  I guess that’s what Canadians are: selfish and ignorant.

(Photo credit: YSSYguy, via Wikipedia)