Why Catholicism?

I’m angrier than someone who’s been harassed one too many times by Mormon missionaries who don’t understand that quit means quit.  I’m angry because people from my previous church, Mormonism, have been contacting me against my will asking why I would ever leave the supposedly “one true church” for the Catholic Church.

There are so many reasons, but the big one right off the top is the fact that the Mormon church was founded by a man while the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ Himself in AD 33.Here some more reasons:

  • Joseph Smith was well known in the Palmyra area for his criminal record.  He was known to all as a liar, which is why people questioned his self-imposed status as a “prophet.”
  • God and Jesus did not appear to Smith.  That would count as the Second Coming.
  • What would later become the Book of Mormon did not start of as golden plates hidden near Smith’s farm.  An angel did not direct Smith to the hiding place, but the story goes that that same angel mysteriously took the plates to Heaven, meaning that there’s no proof they even existed.
  • God would never order His children to commit polygamy, despite Smith’s claims to the contrary.
  • Smith married multiple women, including at least one teenage girl.  If you’re married to a woman, of course you’re going to have sex, making Smith a child molester and a pedophile.  God would never tap such a person as a “prophet.”
  • In Heaven, there will be no families.  This means that the church’s claims of eternal families are false.
  • The Catholic Church was formed by Jesus Christ.  This means all other religions, no matter how well-intentioned, are, unfortunately, false.
  • Catholicism claims the most adherents worldwide.  That should tell you something.
  • The Trinity is the only correct belief.  The Mormon church teaches that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost (what they call him) are separate entities.
  • The Catholic Church’s clergy are the only ones authorized to baptize in the name of God.  No other church holds that authority and as a result, all of their baptisms are invalid.
  • In the Mormon church, apostles are chosen by man.  So is their “prophet” for that matter.  The real apostles were chosen by Jesus Christ.  Anyone who claims to be an apostle is telling fibs.
  • Mormon temples are the concept of man, namely Smith.  What goes on inside is, sadly, false.  God does not recognize what goes on in there.
  • The Catholic Church follows the teachings of Christ.  The Mormon church may bear Jesus’ name, but they follow their “prophet.”

This list is not exhaustive.  There are many reasons why I left.  Mostly, I left because I finally woke up.  The Mormon church told me that I held the priesthood and had the authority to act in God’s name over certain matters.  Obviously, that is a falsehood.  The only men who are truly authorized are Catholic priests and bishops.  Anyone else is ineffective.

I think the final straw for me was when I gave the woman who is currently my spouse a “blessing,” which is channeling God to administer to the sick and afflicted.  As I was giving the blessing, all that went through my mind was, “this is total bullshit.”

I said the words that I was expected to say, but in my mind it was fake.  The same went for “administering the sacrament.”  The last time that I supposedly blessed the bread, it was a wonder that I got the words out, because my mind was screaming, “this is a falsehood!”

The bottom line is this: I’m happier as a Catholic.  I always will be.  The only thing I regret is joining the Mormon church in the first place.   Sure, I was a child and I acted as a child, but I had plenty of time to leave in adulthood and chose to keep going back for more, even though I didn’t believe much of what they were teaching.

The important thing is that I’m Catholic now and as the word spreads in my former church that I left for Catholicism, I will be shunned.  And that is the best thing that could happen!