What if he’d killed someone?

I’m angrier than a guy who sees people driving drunk and not caring.  I’m especially angry right now because a celebrity was arrested last night for allegedly driving drunk and it could have been avoided with help from a friend.  But, no, Justin Timberlake apparently thought the rules don’t apply to him.

He had dinner with his friends and enjoyed one drink or more, depending on who you ask.  Any one of his friends should have and could have driven him home. He could have called his wife.  He could have done any number of things, but no, he drove drunk, police say, after failing sobriety tests.What makes things even more damning, in my opinion, is the fact that Timberlake elected to not submit to an alcohol test, a move which has suspended his driving privileges in New York state, which means that 48 other states will likewise suspend his driving privileges.

If Timberlake had nothing to hide, then he should have simply taken the test.  The fact that he refused to do so says to me that he had a reason to doubt that he’d pass the test.  A sober person, or at least someone driving within the legal limit, would have no reason to refuse the test.

According to the police report, his first concern was his precious world tour, which starts back up again next week.  He didn’t care about allegedly blowing the stop sign, a move which could have cost someone their life.  No, forget that.  Justin only cares about Justin.  It’s Justin’s world, we’re just renting.

Witnesses said that Timberlake was definitely “wasted,” and he even stole another guy’s drink.  Glassy eyes, strong odor of alcohol…it’s all extremely damning.  And it’s sickening!

I sure hope that he loses someone to a drunk driver.  Then we’ll see how he feels.

(Photo credit: Sag Harbor Police Department)