It’ll cost him the election

I’m angrier than a patriot who’s tired of seeing Mexicans in his beloved United States.  I’m even angrier that PFN Joe Biden has just issued an executive order that will protect illegal spouses and children.  Now, they can apply for residency while still being in the country.

So let’s get this straight: there’s now a reward for being illegal.  That’s disgusting and it’s to be expected from a DemocRAT.  A Republican would do everything possible to keep illegals out of our country.  A Republican would work hard to boot illegals out of our country, with no reward for breaking the law.

These are the kinds of stunts that a mentally deficient, aging president desperate for re-election would pull.  We need a president who will protect our nation.  Allowing illegals to enter or stay cannot be tolerated.  It looks like Biden doesn’t care enough about you to stand tall and protect our nation from illegals.

Trump, our 45th and 47th president, will clean up Biden’s mess and he’ll set things things right.  Let’s round ’em up and deport the hell out of them.  Split up the illegal families and punish the illegals, child or adult.