Invoke the 25th

I’m angrier than a voter who almost immediately realized he bet on the wrong horse last election. I’m angry because, despite the numerous news stories of late, PFN Joe Biden remains in power.  People have been talking about invoking the 25th Amendment because of Biden’s obvious declining mental and cognitive functions.

I’m upset that our government has continued to talk but hasn’t taken any action to remove Biden from office based on his declining mental status. After all, he is the only man in the country who can authorize a nuclear strike.  With his condition, he might be more willing to launch a first strike, and we can’t have that, despite the fact that World War III is going to hit soon anyway.

Not only that, but Biden has the power to issue executive orders and to make other decisions that will have almost immediate implications for our nation.  The flag is upside down.  We need someone in power who is mentally and physically sound.

We can’t do anything to remove him until November 5th and at that point, the 47th POTUS, Donald Trump, can prepare to take office again.  But we need to take action now, and the only way to do that legally is for someone to invoke the 25th.  But who will have the courage to do so?

I call upon my fellow MAGA Republicans and our enemies, the DemocRATS, to urge their lawmakers to take action today.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  Today,.  Right now.

What’s going to happen if Russia launches a nuke against Ukraine?  Is Biden going to throw the kitchen sink?  Is he capable of remaining calm and declining to drag our country into Ukraine’s problem?  A mentally fit president wouldn’t put his country at risk of being nuked.  A fit president would let Ukraine solve its own problems.

The only way to remedy this this situation is to remove Biden, if even if it makes Kamala Harris our nation’s first woman president, if only for a few months.