He just wasn’t that bright!

I’m angrier than someone who has to share the road with reckless teenagers who care more about pulling stunts than they driving safely.  So it is in this case, folks.  Earlier today, an 18-year-old driver, Joshua Martinez Arana, was speeding along in his car, threatening the lives of everyone around him.  He, of course, lost control and crashed hard.

As for Arana, I don’t care that he died.  I only care about the innocent lives that his arrogance and selfishness potentially put in jeopardy.  He was due to graduate high school on Thursday, proving that just because you get a diploma, it doesn’t mean you’re intelligent.

As for his passenger, he somehow survived.  I’ll bet he’ll be more careful of who he gets into a car with, won’t he?  He almost lost his life in the name of, what, fun?  Would it have been fun had they plowed into someone, killing them?

This is why you shouldn’t be allowed a driver’s license until you’re 21.  Teenagers are clearly too immature and selfish to be trusted with heavy machinery.  In my opinion: shame on his parents, who, in my opinion, poorly raised their child.