You can vote now!

I’m angrier than a patriot who votes over this.  It seems that some people don’t know that there’s an election here in Albany County on Tuesday, June 25th.  It is, however, a closed election, available only to DemocRATS,  But if you can’t make it for some reason, you can still vote.  Of course, you can do the right thing and become a Republican, but that’s a tale for another day.

The next election, of course, is going to be on Tuesday, November 5.  That’s going to be the big one.  That’s the day that pedophile DemocRAT PFN Joe Biden will lose to the 47th POTUS, Donald Trump.  But that’s not the point today.If you need to vote early, you can do that here.  Here are the dates and times.  You can also register to vote and change your party affiliation if you need to.

If you don’t know what party you’re signed up for, or if you need to know what your polling site is, go here.