We don’t need unions

I’m angrier than someone who is tired of seeing greedy employees unionize.  That’s because employees of a coffee shop chain in Philadelphia are crying foul after they, in my opinion, shut down three coffee shops because of their obvious greed.  They wanted a union, and that put the chain out of business.

Indeed, OCF Coffee House suddenly shut down last Tuesday after the employees announced their decision to try to force a vote for unionization.  Now, of course, the employees are whining and crying, despite the fact that it was their greed that financially forced the business to close.OCF existed for thirteen years before the arrogance and the greed of its employees apparently did the business in.  They accomplished the direct opposite of their goal.  They wanted more, more, more, and they now have nothing.  It’s laughable because they brought this upon themselves.

Even though the company is providing medical benefits for three months, the workers’ greed isn’t over yet: they want severance pay.  Evil!

“Former employees are pushing for severance pay, at the least,” reports Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate, WPVI.  So they want something for nothing.  That’s unions for you.

Before anyone says it, no, this is not union busting.  Union busting would have been OCF firing all of its employees and hiring new ones.  In this case, the company’s owner knew that he couldn’t absorb the costs of much higher wages and other related costs.  He did what he had to do.

Labor unions do not have a legitimate purpose in our country.  They never have.  It’s always been about greed, nothing less, nothing more.  I left a well-paying job twenty years ago because a union vote would have forced me to join a union as a condition of my employment.  I refused to be part of a union then and I would refuse to do so now.