It’s a sickening thing!

I’m angrier than a patriot who knows that gender pronouns are worthless.  Why am I angry?  Oh, I’ll tell you!  Earlier today, I received a comment via the contact page from an anonymous coward who had this to say:

“Everyone else has respect for the LGBT community.  Civilized people are putting their gender pronouns on their websites, social media profiles, email signatures, etc.  Why aren’t you doing it?  Why do you hate the LGBT people?  Why can’t you do the right thing?”

Well, I’ll tell you why.  I am a male.  I was born a male.  I do not “identify as” a different gender.  After all, “I identify as” is a synonym for “I pretend to be.”  And I’m not a pretender.  I’ve never had a desire to be a female or be trans or whatever other sick crap is going on around here.  Therefore, my gender speaks for itself.

The whole world is going nuts.  I mean, here in New York state, you can choose “X” as a gender on your driver’s license or non-driver ID card.  Sickening!  There are only two options: male and female.  Not a he-she, not she she-he.  Male.  Or.  Female.

We’re also in a world where, if you don’t refer to someone by their preferred gender, you get canceled and you stand accused of being a bigot.  I will never refer to someone by anything other than their gender that was assigned by God at conception.  If doing so makes me a bigot, then call me Archie Bunker!

The anonymous coward was onto something, however.  I do not have any respect for the LGBT “community.”  They are leading an immoral and sinful lifestyle and as such cannot be respected on any level whatsoever.  LGBT is not a Christian standard.  You simply cannot be a Catholic or a Protestant and be or have respect for LGBT.  That’s not how it works.

You can repent, however.  After all, homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism and their companion sins are chosen.  No loving God would force such filth on His children!  Get right with God.  Go to Reconciliation.  Truly repent! Undo what you’ve done and then obey God’s commands.

In the Catholic faith, the sins that I’ve mentioned are grave.  They require confession and a sincere desire to repent.   In some cases, your priest might withhold Communion, but that’s a priest’s decision, not mine.  I mean, even the Pope has weight in on it, saying publicly that there is “too much faggotry” going on in the Church.

Now, I will never be a priest, and I likely won’t even be a deacon, but I can tell you that if I were the former, then I would deny Communion to transgenders and those who I knew were acting on their perverse sexual orientations.

I don’t know how the priest in my parish would handle a transgender person or a known sexual deviant (homosexual/bisexual, etc.)  Obviously, I have no authority whatsoever, but if something were to happen, I trust that he’d make the correct decision.

So, no, I will never use gender pronouns, just like I’d walk away from a business that has a rainbow flag.  I would also refuse to patronize any business that expresses sympathy or respect for LGBT.

So, anonymous coward?  Take your gender pronouns and shove them!