Where’s the pain?

I’m angrier than a blogger who just sat down to start writing when he realized he forgot to get a cold can of pop out of the fridge.  But I’ll get over it I guess.  I should probably focus on this article.  That will make me less angry.  Today being Sunday, I was thinking about my recent religious choices.

To the left is one of the Mormon church’s temples, located in Palmyra, New York.  They believe that in this building, spouses can be “sealed,” meaning that they’ll be together not just for time, but eternity.

As Catholics and Protestants know, there will be no families in Heaven.  They also believe that we can stand in as “proxies,” so that dead people can have their sacred ordinances done.

It’s a cute belief system, but, much like being with one’s spouse for eternity, it is not based in fact.  The teaching in the Mormon church was designed to emotionally manipulate people into joining.  No rational person believes that our families will exist in Heaven.  After all, “until death to you part” is uttered at a Sacrament of Marriage.

I first joined the Mormon church back in 1987, when I was a kid.  Up until that point, I was raised in the Seventh-day Adventist faith.  You can read more about that here.

I was officially a Mormon until early May.  On Easter Vigil of 2022, I was baptized Catholic, but I, in an effort to placate the woman who for the moment is my spouse, remained on the membership records of the Mormon faith until I took the necessary steps to remedy that problem.

People from within the Mormon church told me that I would feel great personal anguish over leaving.  They told me I would cry, be miserable and would be nothing without the church.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It felt great!

While I was a part of the Albany 2nd Ward, I was responsible for the library.  You see it to the left.  Before I took over, it was an unholy mess.  I took damn good care of it until I left, and I hear that it is back to its messy, disorganized state.

It was a volunteer job that took a lot of effort, because Mormons don’t much care for organization.  All the work that I did was for naught, much like all the years that I wasted on Mormonism are for naught.

The ward is also where Dave Bernacki, an APD detective who I feel and allege has used his authority in the church to abuse information he has access to about me.  That’s okay, though.  Payback’s a bitch, and it’s best when served ice cold. Is that a threat?  No.  There’s no physical harm coming, but I will have my day to do to him what he did to me.

As for any supposed emotional pain, I have yet to shed a tear over leaving.  The only impact that leaving has had on my life is that I no longer hold “the priesthood,” according to the Mormon church, even though they don’t have it either.  Only the Catholic Church has the true priesthood.

Joseph Smith was never approached by God and Jesus Christ.  The “priesthood,” as the Mormons believe it, never existed, so it was never restored to Smith. John the Baptist did not ordain Smith with what the church believes to be the Aaronic priesthood.  Peter, James and John did not bestow upon Smith the higher level of the priesthood.

Smith founded the Mormon church of his own volition, using his active imagination to come up with the church’s creepy teachings.  I mean, come on.  He told the world he saw God and Jesus and that he was visited by dead apostles.  He also told everyone a mysterious angel no one else saw led him to golden plates and those plates then magically disappeared.

Clearly, the Mormon church does not have the truth.  Very little, if anything, that the church teaches is actually true.   And what is true was simply ripped off from the Catholic Church and various Protestant faiths.

You can really learn a lot about the Mormon church’s spiritual fraud by reading this online book.

Jesus Christ, of course, founded the Catholic Church in AD 33.  And yes, that’s the proper way of writing the year, smartass.  Look it up.

But I’m now restating the things that I’ve already written on this site.  My leaving the Mormon church has had absolutely no negative impact upon my life.  Since the church believes that I once held the priesthood and since they supposedly took it away from me when I left, I cannot give a “blessing” to the woman who is, for the moment, my spouse.

A blessing, according to the Mormons, is channeling God’s words to heal someone or give them comfort, much like the slimy “preachers” who hold religious events under cheap, rented tents and line people up to “heal” them.  In both cases, it’s spiritual fraud.

It’s all pure nonsense, of course, but she still believes.  She now has to get a blessing from someone else.  Of course, a blessing does nothing, so I couldn’t care less.  Leaving doesn’t really impact my life, so in all actuality, my leaving hasn’t affected me at all.

The word is starting to spread through the ward that the reason I haven’t been there in over a month is because I am a Catholic now.  Those who do know have texted me telling me I ruined my life, while others text that they support me and are jealous of me, because, for family or professional reasons, they cannot just up and leave like I did.

On paper, though, according to the Mormons, it does affect me.  I am no longer allowed to pay tithing.  I am no longer allowed to wear the church’s “magic underwear.”

Now that I’m completely Catholic, I am at peace.  I am where I want to be spiritually, and I have no regrets over leaving.  The problem is that I, for the moment, am married to a Mormon.   And that is a serious problem for me.  Mormonism and Catholicism are worlds apart, because the former is a fairy tale and the latter is the only Church thats true.

We all know that the Catholic Church was founded by God Himself.  All other religions were founded by men and men have made and loved lies in the name of religion.

I don’t know how much longer I can suffer the fact that my current spouse is a member of that church.  And she is a Book of Mormon thumping Mormon, too.  She raises a fit whenever I bring booze home, and that affects my happiness.

Another way that my removal from the Mormon church’s records impacts me, supposedly, is that I will not be reunited with my current spouse after death.  I won’t be with her for eternity.  Well, I don’t want to be with her for time, so why would I want to be with her for eternity, assuming that that teaching had even one iota of truth to it?

The church teaches that if we walk by one another in the hereafter, we will pass one another as strangers.  That part is true.  There will be no families in Heaven.  Once we die, that’s it.  I am more than okay with that.  We were married in a Mormon church in January of 2004, and it’s time to stop the ride.  I want to get off, and no longer with her *drum riff*.

I deserve a Catholic woman who doesn’t look down upon drinking alcohol.  I deserve a woman who doesn’t curse and swear now and again.

I deserve a woman who will drink with me now and again.  I deserve a woman who doesn’t smoke or do drugs.  My current spouse does neither, which has been a good thing.

More important than all of that, I deserve a woman who will go to Mass with me.  I’m tired of going to Mass alone.  I deserve a woman who prays the rosary and who wants children.  In short, I deserve much better than a Mormon wife. Or a Protestant wife. I deserve better than what I’m getting out of life at this moment.

Even with all the drama, I’m still waiting for the supposed emotional pain to set in.  Methinks it’ll be a long wait!