Now that’s just disgusting as hell!

I’m angrier than a person who doesn’t use gender pronouns because you’re either a male or a female, no need to make stuff up.  I’m irate because in New York state, you can now select “X” for a gender on your driver’s license or non-driver’s ID.  It shouldn’t be that way at all!

Again, there are only two genders: male or female.  You are male or female, based on your birth gender.  You can’t change that.  People who say that they “identify as” are merely pretending.  It’s playtime for them.  You can want to be  a girl all you want, but if you’re a male, that’s what you are.

With that in mind, it should appall you and everyone for that matter, that the state decided to allow such a disgusting, immoral thing.  It’s like I wrote earlier today: homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism and all its companion sins are filthy, disgusting, immoral and evil.

Allowing “X” as a gender option is a slap in the face to Catholics and Protestants alike.  No Christian wants to see that disgusting sort of a person.  If you allow people to choose their own genders as opposed to living within the gender that God assigned at birth, then society may as well just collapse.

We’re doomed.