It shouldn’t need to be said

I’m angrier than someone who’s tired of idiots spouting off nonsense about things they know nothing of and things that aren’t capable of happening.  So it is, gentle reader, with this next story.  Apparently, people have been doing studies on children who claim that they died in another life.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but everyone with a brain knows that we only get one life.  When we are born, we are brought into the world with the only life we’ll ever have.  Tell that to eggheads who insist on telling stories about kids supposedly remembering lives previous.Kids are kids.  They make stuff up to get attention.  So it is here, I believe.  It’s impossible for kids to remember prior lives, because again, prior lives do not exist.  Reincarnation may fly with those kooky religions, but as Catholics and Protestants, we know that such a thing is impossible.

The story goes that these kids are describing things, places and people that they had know way of knowing about at their young age.  Well, my story goes that the parents are somehow spoon feeding or influencing their kids to make wild, retarded claims.

Supposedly, kids between the ages of two and six are typically the ones who come up with this nonsense.

Now, this article shouldn’t have been written.  Of course these kids didn’t have previous lives.  That’s just not possible.  It’s my opinion that the parents and the child in question are making things up for attention.  It wouldn’t surprise me if these people profit off of this malarkey.

If anything, this story is entertaining because it shows how low people will stoop for attention.