Arrested for defending oneself

I’m angrier than a patriot who sees the second amendment going to hell in a handbasket over this next one, folks.  Seems someone got arrested for shooting an intruder in his own home.  Happened in Malta, New York, which is about thirty minutes away from Albany, where this website is based.

It all went down in a trailer park.  Apparently, someone got into the wrong trailer and the inhabitant rightfully thought that that person was an intruder.  Well, the intruder f’d around and found out.  Whether he or she entered by accident, they still broke into a home.  That resident had every right to put the intruder down.Did the police treat the resident with respect?  Nope.  That person got arrested, merely for exercising their second amendment rights.  What was he supposed to do?  Are the police saying he should just sit back and watch his trailer being trashed?  Apparently, the answer is yes.

It seems that in New York State, the second amendment no longer exists.  If the person was arrested because of a licensing issue, then that’s understandable.  But if the person is properly licensed, then he should have every right to blast an intruder flat on his ass and, preferably, die.

Entering the wrong trailer is not an excuse.  An intruder is an intruder, after all.  The resident had no way of knowing whether he was about to be a statistic.

The mobile home park’s management reported that a visitor entered the wrong trailer, although some are saying it was an attempted burglary.  Either way, the resident had every right to shoot.  And for his troubles, he gets a homicide investigation.

Defending one’s home should not be a homicide.  It should be self defense.

So, if you value your right to a gun, then look elsewhere. New York state is not for you.  What should happen is that lawmakers should enact a Stand Your Ground law, just like Florida.  A man’s home is his castle, and he should be able to blast an intruder without fear of handcuffs.