They don’t belong here

I’m angrier than a patriot who watches helplessly as illegals sneak into our country and steal our way of life.  Proven pedophile PFN Biden has just hatched another scheme: he will allow undocumented aliens who have been in our beloved America for ten years legal status.  So they’ll be rewarded for breaking the law.

These damned Mexicans who are allowed into my America shouldn’t even be here.  They won’t learn our language yet they expect us to learn theirs.  They steal American jobs, some of them, while most of them refuse to work and they leech off of us, expecting us to feed them, house them and educate their kids, all at our expense, of course.Biden wants to ruin America by letting Jose and Lupe stay, when they should be deported.  What we should do is split up the families and deport them separate countries.  Then we’ll see how they like it.  I’m all for ruining Mexican families, just for the fun of it.  I love doing anything that makes a Mexican miserable.

What we should do is set up a sting.  Let the illegals think that, by coming to an office building, they can get legal status, even though they’ve been thumbing their noses at us for ten years are more.  Let them get comfortable, thinking they can stay here and then BAM!  deport them with no due process.  They’re not Americans, so no process is due.  Sting ’em and deport ’em!

When I come across a Mexican family, I report them to ICE and let the chips fall where they may.  I know for a fact that my reporting tore part a Mexican-American family because I was able to prove that the father was here illegally.  He got sent back to Mexico, leaving a crying wife and kids.  And that did my heart well.

Mexicans don’t belong in America.  They belong back in Mexico.  No matter, though.  Trump will reverse whatever Biden does in this regard.  A Trump presidency will be good for us, but bad for illegals.  I can’t wait to see the tears fall then!