No cause for celebration

I’m angrier than a patriot who sees that the DemocRATS are sending our country to hell in a handbasket.  I’m also angry that today is Flag Day, and that this year, there is no cause for celebration.  That’s because our flag should be flying upside down, symbolizing the distress that our country is in.

We have a pedophile and child molester as a president.  All one needs to do to know that to be true is to listen to what his own daughter said: when she was a child, PFN Biden took showers with her.  And all one has to do is look at many of the photographs of him with children.  In most cases, he’s touching a child inappropriately.

If Donald Trump, a Republican hero who simply wants to make America great again, had won a second term, our country would be prospering right now.  But, no, we have a DemocRAT in charge.   We Republicans aim to change that on November 5.  Until then, we’re sitting ducks and at this point in time, we might find ourselves in a nuclear conflict between the USA and Russia, as well as its allies.  We wouldn’t be in this pickle had Trump remained in office.

Normally, today would be a day about remembering all the sacrifices and deaths that occurred in defense of the red, white and blue.  But now, we have to mourn our country and then use the flag to issue a rallying cry to all true patriots.