It’s so disgusting

I’m angrier than a person with morals who sees homosexuality being acceptable over this next story.  Whether you lean left, whether you lean right, surely you’d agree that our troops are worthy of our respect and gratitude.  Under normal circumstances, that’s correct.  But not in this case.

Edward Ryan, of Rensselaer, near Albany, New York, was apparently a closeted queer guy.  He was such a coward that he kept his appallingly filthy lifestyle to himself until he died.  He put it in his obituary for all to see.  What a messed up thing to do!  He’s not even worthy of his rank given his revelation, so I won’t post his rank here.  He doesn’t deserve that respect.

“I was gay all my life. I was in a loving relationship with Paul Cavagnaro of North Greenbush. He was the love of my life. We had 25 great years together. I’m sorry for not having the courage to come out as gay. I was afraid of being ostracized by family, friends, and co-workers. Seeing how people like me were treated, I just could not do it. Now that my secret is known, I’ll forever rest in peace.”

That’s what he decided to put in his obit.  Pathetic.  His homosexuality negates any accolades he’d normally be worthy of.

Apparently, his organs are being cremated.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want a queer guy’s organs, even if it meant my untimely demise.  To be frank, I have an DNR and, just in case some queer’s organs might go in my body, a form on file that says I am not to have any organs transplanted from or to me.

As Catholics, and for that matter, as Christians as a whole, we cannot condone homosexuality and all of its companion sins.  We have to not make heroes out of these people.  He died a coward.  A veteran, yes, but a cowardly and disgusting one.