Enough is enough, idiots!

I’m angrier than an Apple fan who was stupid enough to upgrade to the beta version of iOS 18 over this next topic.  I won’t be linking to any news articles.  I’m just going to rant and rave like…well, a blogger.  It has me so upset that I was trying to sleep, but I felt compelled to walk to the living room and fire up the laptop at two in the morning.

The topic at hand?  UFO sightings.  Or should I say, alleged sightings.  Lately, it seems that there are “news” items on ostensibly mainstream media’s websites every day.  The articles site supposedly reliable sources, or people who, at first glance, would be in a position to know.

Well, I hate to break it to everyone (actually, I don’t.  I love it!), but it’s not up for debate: there is no life on other planets.  Crack open the bible and Genesis jumps out right away: God made the heavens and the earth.  That’s all the proof that’s needed, folks.  This is the only planet with life on it.  That being the case, it’s impossible for UFO’s to exist.

Yes, I’m aware that the proper term these days is Unidentified Ariel Phenomena.  Whether we’re talking about a UFO or an UAP, it’s arrogant.  Just because one person doesn’t know what they’re looking at, that doesn’t make it unidentified.

For example: I see a weird disc-like object floating in the sky.  To me, it would be unidentified, but that doesn’t mean that it’s other-worldly.  Remember, there are no other worlds.  Of course, that doesn’t stop the media from reporting that some people who I believe to be crackpots believe that aliens are already on this planet, hiding deep in the ocean.  Yeah, right.  Sure.

What people are seeing, in my opinion, are objects in outer space.  If not that, then perhaps they’re mentally ill and are seeing things and hearing voices.  Or, they’re just making it up.  I mean, it’s real easy to doctor up a photograph or make a fake video.  Especially these days, it’s easy to cook something up and make it seem real.

That’s what’s happening, in my opinion.  People are all too willing to pull pranks and make people think that we’re being visited by ALF or ET.

Yes, there are those who will point to Area 51 and say our government’s been hiding aliens there for ages.  Not so!  Area 51 is a top secret installation, yet people still claim to have first-hand knowledge of aliens and their spacecraft supposedly being stored there.  There are also those who point out that it’s simply a test site for new military aircraft.

The most logical answer is usually the correct one: Area 51 is less about ALF, and more about testing new military aircraft.  That’s why the installation is so heavily-guarded, you see.  Of course our military works on top secret things.

It’s all about defending our country,  And of course the vast majority of Americans should be forbidden to see what goes on there.  As a child growing up in Las Vegas, I visited Area 51, or at least I got as close as I could, with my stepdad assuring me it was okay, even though there were signs authorizing lethal force and even though there was a jeep up on a hill, watching our every move.

I was wise enough to stop, because even at nine, I knew what lethal force meant, but he went forward, causing the jeep to start to move.  It was only then that he stepped back and the jeep stopped.  Why would security be that tight?  Not aliens, not their spacecraft, but simply our military aircraft.

That’s the beginning and end of it, folks.  Since life doesn’t exist elsewhere, whatever people are calling UFO/UAP are either well-planned hoaxes or figments of someone’s imagination.

So all the stories that have come out, as recently as yesterday, are not indicators of an alien invasion happening.  It’s time that people stop playing this idiotic jokes and it’s definitely time for people who claim to be in a position to know to stop with their nonsense.

If aliens do exist, and if these UFO/UAP are really of other worlds, why haven’t they made themselves known?  Humanity has only been around for a few thousand years, so these “aliens” have had plenty of time to step forward.  And now, all of a sudden in 2024, we’re supposedly seeing a constant stream of supposed alien spacecraft?  Such a notion defies logic, and it’s my opinion that only a mental patient would believe that aliens, and with that, their craft, exist.

Yes, floating discs and triangles with lights on them make for an entertaining story, but when it comes down to logic and facts, the whole subject is lacking.

And if you’re the sort who believes people are seeing actual other-worldly things in the sky, I highly recommend that you get yourself checked out.

Now, it’s back to bed for me.  If ALF and ET phone home, take a message.