Don’t feel like it anymore

I’m angrier than a person who wants to delete his Facebook account but can’t because otherwise, he won’t keep in touch with old friends as well as family.  I’m angry that I gave going back to college a try.  Yet, I did last semester.  Currently, I am considered a student on summer vacation.  My financial aid is in and I can attend classes in the fall.  But I won’t.

I might as well tell you, since I’m withdrawing altogether, that I’ve been attending Schenectady County Community College, focusing on a Criminal Justice degree.  Why am I not going to the Albany County Community College?  There is none.  Albany County does not have any community college at all.  It’s pathetic.

There’s so much work to be done!  Well, that’s all coming to a grinding halt, folks.  I just emailed the pertinent information to my academic advisor and I am done with it all.

Why am I withdrawing?   I just don’t want to do it anymore.  Too much work.  Besides, last semester was a bear.  It was so much work!

That’s what happened the first time I tried college.  On the second day, the work was just so overwhelming that I just walked out of Algebra I and stopped going.  I don’t know how the professors were, because I left on day two.  The effort required was the problem.

The second time around, I was actually somehow admitted to Idaho State University, despite my abysmal high school transcripts.  It wasn’t a matter of intelligence or lack thereof; I just didn’t want to make the effort and do the work, so I did just enough to scrape by and get that diploma.

Why ISU accepted me, I’ll never know, but I never showed up to class.  I went to campus and got my financial aid refund checks and spent the money, never again setting foot on campus.  I had $5,000 in my hands and that was enough of a bonus for me.

This time around, the reason was all the effort that’s needed to be successful in college.  Besides, in order to get an actual bachelor’s degree, I’d have to stay at SCCC for two years and then transfer to a traditional college for another two years.  If I want to be lawyer, I’d have to put in three years in law school.  Forget all of that!

By the time I graduate a four-year college, I’ll be fifty, and even if I got a job in the field, I’d only be at it for fifteen years before it’s retirement time.  The effort isn’t justified.  Plus, it’s just too much hassle to have to get up in the morning and go do stuff.  Stuff sucks.

I’ll just be content with my high school diploma, and I almost dropped out of that when I turned 16 because of all the work required.  The only thing that kept me in high school was Media I-Media III, specifically being on the school’s closed-circuit “TV station.”  I’ll be content leaving SCCC with a 3.0 GPA.  Just let it be.

I was one of the more, shall we say, visible students, and that class was about the only thing that made it worthwhile to stick around for a silly piece of paper.  Believe me, folks, you don’t really need high school and college isn’t mandatory, either.  Life will go on without a high school diploma.

And now, my life will go on without college.